About Us

Bespoke Engineering is an independent consulting company specializing in internet identity, cross-domain security, software engineering, and systems architecture. We strongly believe in the power of open standards and open source software and have many years of direct experience in both.

Founder Justin Richer is a respected contributor to open standards specifications and open source implementations. He is the editor of OAuth Dynamic Client Registration (RFC7591), OAuth Dynamic Client Registration Management (RFC7592), and OAuth Token Introspection (RFC7662). He is the author of OAuth 2 In Action along with Antonio Sanso. OAuth 2 In Action is currently available for pre-order.

Internet-scale Usable Security

We offer deep expertise in OAuth, OpenID Connect, JOSE, and other modern web security standards. We have broad experience in deploying these technologies in a variety of environments, from enterprise to personal. We bring backgrounds in usability, collaboration, design, and engineering to ensure solutions work in the real world with real people.

What We Do

We offer a variety of custom consulting services, including security architecture design, technical whitepapers, standards document editing, and commercial support and customization of the MITREid Connect open source project.